Department of Student Affairs

Service Standards

Integrity: We maintain communication and coordination within the division, with students, faculty/staff and other constituents in our University. We are dedicated to serving students and the University community as we contribute to the mission, goals, and values of the University. We value community and provide opportunities for students to be active and responsible members of the campus and global community. 

Accurate, Reliable, Consistent Information Delivery: Documentation and information submitted to the service must be complete, accurate, and consistent with other documents and information.

Fast Service Delivery: To present the service provided to the stakeholders within the specified minimum time frame.

Legality: To offer the service provided in accordance with the related legislation that is subject to higher education.

Continuity: To provide continuous service to stakeholders by using developing information technologies (Hardware and Software) in accordance with 7/24 Basis.                                      

Privacy: To respect the privacy of the institution and the right of the persons during service provided in all circumstances. 

Continuous Audability and Principle of Transparency: Keeping the documents and records properly and to be prepared complete documents and records  in a transparent manner with the request of the supervisory units for audit.